AYFP Crypto Mastery Course

Learn everything you need to know about cryptocurrency investing to limit your losses and maximize your gains and be a massively profitable crypto investor.

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I’m giving you the EXACT blueprint to be a successful trader in the crypto market. You will get the tools & resources that will help you no matter what state the market is in. With my Crypto Calls and strategies, you’ll know when to take action and what steps you should take to take minimum risk for maximum reward along with dozens of other members in our AYFP Crypto Investing community.

AYFP Crypto Investing Mission

We want to introduce you to the most thorough and profitable way to invest in the cryptocurrency market to minimize your losses and maximize your gains; the AYFP Cryptocurrency Investing Mastery Course.

This course is a blueprint step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to approach the market (like a game of chess). On the charts we’re doing 99% of the work for you (although we want you to learn the skills for yourself in the course)!

My team and I are in the trenches daily doing technical analysis, looking at charts, find coins with large growth potential, noticing trends before anyone else can take advantage of it and we’re sharing it with our community. 
When I first heard about cryptocurrency I was just like you. I had no idea how to trade and I didn’t always have money. It cost me over a Half Million Dollars of Mistakes and over 10,000 hours in the field to get where I'm at today.

Since 2016 I became heavily engaged in all things crypto when I found it was my solution to financial freedom. Since then I’ve mastered how to spot projects with huge ROI potential and identify trends that make insane profits. 

I've taught online and publicly to dozens of students and high net-worth investors my crypto investing strategies in which we've earned well over $1M+ in crypto profits and growing each day. This is the most explosive opportunity to profit without having to start a business and make INSANE daily gains up to 100%+ like have not been seen since internet boom.
It's our goal to do whatever we can to help you achieve your full potential and change people's lives through trading crypto as much as it has for me.

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Crypto Kyle Rea

Founded AYFP Cryptocurrency Investors, the most detailed cryptocurrency investing course in the world. Kyle has mentored thousands of students in crypto trading having the opportunity to speak at Block-Con, Discover Blockchains and mentor to multi-millionaires. Kyle's crypto calls have garnered over 25,000% gains since 2017. 

Some of Kyle's Career Highlights

  • His Crypto Clients Have Made Over $1M+ since 2017 

  • He turned $10K crypto investment into $250K within 3 months

  • His Instagram network exceeds over 100M+ people

  • He's a multi-award winning filmmaker, photographer and voice-actor and is on Wikipedia!

  • He's the CEO/Founder of Creative Castle Studios

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These are just some of the hundreds of regular people from all ACROSS THE GLOBE changing their lives & their families lives through Crypto Investing.