Crypto Mentorship & Consulting

We have both online training as well as in-person mentorship & consulting which we are happy to travel globally per-diem.


Crypto mastery training

Step-by-step crypto investing mastery course for all investors wishing to become wildly successful investor.

Learn absolutely everything about the crypto space with with this well thought-out roadmap offering strengths and weaknesses of the world of crypto investing and how to us it to your advantage.

Afterwards, join us in the VIP Crypto Signals + Support lounge where you get crypto calls, chat with other like minds and stay updated daily in the crypto space.

This is best suited for those hungry to learn everything about crypto to massively increase your success and earnings in the crypto space.

Course Rate Varies (Depending on your investment size)

1 hour consulting

Ask us anything crypto investing related to help you minimize your losses and maximize your gains.

We literally spent nearly three years of 16-18 hours a day in the field of cryptocurrency investing and our knowledge spans over 10,000+ hours of research and investing. The info we provide consistently saves our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and instead, nets them tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Information is the KEY to achieving positive results in the crypto investing space.

We will not tell you what to invest in, but we can offer information that will help you dial-in on the absolutely best trading strategies & information that will help limit your losses and maximize your gains.

This is best suited for those with $10K+ investments or are ready to take their crypto investments to the next level quickly.

Rate 0.1 BTC per hour (Only on hourly rate)


Your mentor

Crypto Kyle Rea has spent 16 hour days absorbing everything crypto since 2016 and has been training people how to make $1M+ dollars in crypto since late 2017. His extremely detailed course is the blueprint anybody needs to excessively succeed in the space.

free crypto masterclass

Get your mind right and learn everything you need to know about crypto investing to limit your losses and maximize your gains, all the ways to invest, everything you need to get set up how to save a ton of time and money why your mental health is important and a few strategies to rank up your wallet.