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Call us a middle man platform, a community, or organization, or whatever you like; but we’re here to serve you and make your life easier whether you’re just entering the space, a veteran or a business. We have a little something for everybody.

Founded by Crypto Kyle Rea as a means to help the crypto and blockchain space thrive, AYFP.net is here to solve the problem of confusion, wasted time and lost dollars and reverse all of that. Community, teamwork and adding value is our motto.

We pride ourselves by our highest quality works, services, products and knowledge and if we’re always excited to offer you whatever you request in the space to make your lives easier.

Kyle Rea

The best kind of business is the one where everybody comes out a winner.

- Kyle Rea, Founder AYFP.net


This space is constantly evolving so as the space evolves, so will we. This means new services, new resources, new information, new products and new team members. So keep your eyes peeled and visit us frequently and we’d be more than happy to serve you any way we can and help you achieve your full potential!

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